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Jan 22, 2007


Well, after lots of frustration, some good advice, and a bit of thought, I decided to give Typepad a try. Come on over and see what you think.

Feb 21, 2006

Lenthening A Sweater

Well, I have been accused of being brave for just cutting off my ribbing (no, just lazy) and have been asked for a tutorial. I have always wanted to do a tutorial, I'm kind of a geek that way. So here it is. Here lies my Gigi swatch awaiting surgery.
I like to pick a row a few rows up from the ribbing, so I can see better when I start cutting. I take a smaller needle than what I was originally knitting with and start weaving it through the right side of each stitch all down the row.
There we go, all the stitches threaded on the needle.
I choose to cut 2 rows down from the row my needle is holding. This gives me some room for error and shaky hands and helps me not accidentally cut through some of the plies being held on the needle (like I did the first time I tried this) , plus then I have a tail to work with when I am done.
Take a deep breath, clear toddlers out of the room, and start cutting.
After cutting, I tease the extra yarn out of the stitches left on the needle. A whole bunch of little cut pieces will rain on your carpet as you are doing this.
And, all done. See all the stitches safely on the needle ready to start knitting again. One stitch is lost when performing this amputation, so be aware of that, when you continue knitting.

I hope that was helpful. Please let me know where I could have been clearer.

And that is my first tutorial, I feel so proud :-)